Winter Scooter Storage – University Scooters

Winter Scooter Storage

If you need somewhere to store your scooter this winter, MopedU is your store. Whether you don't want to ride it in the winter, don't have a garage or just don't want it taking up space at home, our scooter storage is a perfect solution. With scooter storage, we make sure your vehicle is prepped and stored properly in our heated, dry shop, and when your scooter storage is complete, we GUARANTEE your scooter will start up and run the same way it did when you dropped it off.

Have a motorcycle? We store those too!!

We even store bicycles if need somewhere to put it.

Why let your vehicle sit out in the snow when it can be dry and cozy in our shop. Avoid the rust and the headaches and leave it to us, the scooter professionals.

Give us a call to learn more (319-333-1368), click 'Send us a Message' button to send us a message on Facebook, or swing your scooter by the shop.