Our Values

We obviously think scooters are awesome, but our mission and goals go beyond two wheeled transportation.

Provide an Awesome Experience
We're constantly looking to reinvent the typical dealership visit and do everything we can to put our customers first.  Our friendly, low-pressure, and scooter savvy staffers are here to guide and inform you; never to push you into a sale.  Our pricing system is super fair and free from discriminatory practices.  For servicing scooters our formula is simple: Accuracy + Honesty + Transparency = Awesome Service.  We only repair or recommend what is needed; never sacrificing quality for speed.  Finally we provide detailed notes of all repairs and are happy to explain further.
Build an Awesome Community
We love selling scooters, but we're on a mission to do so much more.  We're absolutely committed to making a positive impact in our community by donating a portion of every single scooter sale to one of our local charities. We're also partnering with the University of Iowa Reach Program by sponsoring field trips and internships, and the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial with mentoring, coaching, judging, and collaborating.  Along with, hosting or attending events with local businesses, nonprofits, and organizations
Create an Awesome Workplace
Our employees are the heart of our business, and we're creating a place for them to have fun, help others, and reach success. We're committed to creating a workplace that is inclusive to all employees and customers, safe for sharing new ideas and opinions, and encourages teamwork.  Every employee is a University of Iowa student, and we help them out by having flexible scheduling throughout the year, offering paid volunteering or extracurricular involvement, keeping a fun and supportive environment, and tailoring job duties to their strengths


University Scooters Staff Downtown Iowa City