Our Service Department

Wolf RX50 Waiting for Repair

It’s no secret that we want you to have an AWESOME time with your scooter. (Even if it’s not from us!) Can't bring your scoot into the shop? Don’t stress! We do free pickups in the Iowa City and Coralville area now! We’re with you for the ride and can perform any service your scooter needs!

Schedule a pickup hereWe typically do pickups between 2 pm and 7 pm Monday through Friday. Reserving a spot ensures that your scoot will be picked up that day; it does not necessarily mean that we will pick it up during that time slot. If you're from outside Iowa city or Coralville, please reach out to us directly!

What We Work On

  • Vespa, Piaggio, and Wolf of course!
    • Scooters and mopeds of nearly all other brands, sizes, and years.
      • Honda, Yamaha, Lance, SYM, Bintelli, Scootstar, Genuine, Kymco, Suzuki, and many other Chinese and Taiwanese scooters.
    • Older Honda and Yamaha scooters and mopeds. (We have a ton of experience with Honda Elite's and have a rad selection of used parts.)

      Why choose UScoots?

      • After working on scooters for the past ten years, our experience is unmatched.
      • We provide super detailed notes of all repairs, recommended work, and when your next service is due. You'll know exactly what we did and why.
      • We stock a ton of commonly needed parts for all major brands.
      • Free pick ups in town! 

      Example of Services We Offer

      • Scooter Maintenance
        • Oil Changes
        • Engine Repair
        • Plastic Panel Replacement
        • Light Bulbs
        • Electrical Diagnosis
        • Batteries
        • Tire Changes
        • Accessories
        • Brakes
        • Throttle Cables
        • Carburetor Cleaning/Replacing
      • Insurance Estimates
        • We can provide detailed damage estimates if your scooter is involved in an accident.


      University Scooter Service Department