Our Prices

One of the ways we flip the typical dealership experience upside down is by having Awesome Prices for everything we sell. 

What exactly makes our prices so awesome?

1. No hidden fees!

Yep! The prices we list are honest and transparent. Everything required for us to ship, assemble, and showcase our inventory is included in the list price. The only additional cost for our scoots are your taxes and registration (see #2). Our "Out the Door" prices are easy to understand and simple to calculate.

2. No paperwork, documentary, or admin fees!

We engage in pure dealership blasphemy and don't charge any sort of "Doc Fee". This fee's so typical that there's even a state law that sets the maximum charge at $199. Frankly, that's what you'll pay at most places. At UScoots we don't charge anything.

3. No haggling!

You'll never have to uncomfortably argue to get the "best price". We deeply believe in treating everyone fairly and don't practice any price discrimination here. We promise that you'll get an Awesome Price regardless of your income level, social standing, race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other factor!

4. A portion of every sale is donated to charity!

We donate $10 to a local charity of your choosing with every Wolf, Piaggio, or used scooter sale. We donate $20 with every Vespa sale. This is the only "surprise" when you're purchasing your scoot from us! Each year we pick a few local charities to promote, partner with, and donate to. Check out our Charity Page for more info!


UScoots Staff