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2007 Honda Metropolitan (Ruckus Rear End)

This sweet Honda Metro belonged to one of our staffers at the shop. It's had a ton of service work and a few fun modifications using Honda Ruckus parts. The full details are below:

"I purchased this a few years ago with 17xx miles on the odometer. I took the entire bike apart down to the engine and cleaned everything. Next, I replaced all worn components from fluids to the fuel pump. I used this to get to work and back for a few months before I decided to have some fun and install a few Honda Ruckus parts. The end result is just a Metropolitan that is a little stretched without looking over the top. My main goal was to make it fun and practical with a little more speed than a normal 4-stroke scooter. The locking center stand still works, but the center stand still lets the rear wheel touch the ground a bit. This doesn't bother me since the rear brake can be locked and the center stand locks into place, so the scooter won't go anywhere.

Many people take these little Honda Get motors well past 10k miles. Most of the new parts installed were just to replace old worn parts and ensure this would last a long time. You could leave the bike as it is long term or you could keep going and further customize it. The under seat storage can fit a full sized helmet and the front storage rack can hold at least a 44oz Big Gulp on each side. This scooter is unbelievably practical and a blast to drive. The modifications can cause the rear end to occasionally bottom out on very large bumps, but I don't experience it on any normal potholes or curbs. The rear shock can be adjusted stiffer as needed. The very rear end had to be trimmed up to accommodate the parts, so there are some JDM Zip Ties helping a few panels remain tight."

Current Odometer Reading: 2699 miles.

New Parts Installed:
-Honda Front Basket (Tons of storage)
-NCY Performance CDI (Removes stock rev limit)
-NCY Performance Ignition Coil & Cap
-Pirelli SL26 90/90-10 Front Tire
-Michelin Bopper 130/90/10 Rear Tire
-Koso Mini RPM Meter (Tachometer)
-Polini Performance Variator Kit
-MNNTHBX Metro Shock Mount (allows ruckus rear shocks to work)
-Taiwanese Adjustable Ruckus Rear Shock
-UNI Reusable Air Filter
-#75 Main Jet (same as stock Ruckus)
-Honda Ruckus Carb Needle
-Honda Starting Enrichment Valve (auto choke)
-Honda Left Brake Lever
-Honda Speedometer Lens
-Honda Intake Gasket (used when removing stock restrictor plate)
-Honda Carb Float Gasket
-Honda Fuel Pump Assembly (common replacement on older Ruck & Metro)
-Honda Check Valve
-Honda Fuel Filter
-Honda Coolant
-Helix Racing lines and tubing used for coolant and fuel lines
-Gates Belt
-Lithium Ion Battery
-5.5g Roller Weights
-Royal Purple 10w40 engine oil
-Royal Purple 75w90 gear oil
-CR8EHIX-9 Spark Plug

Other Parts Installed
-Honda Ruckus CVT swingarm
-Honda Ruckus Rear Rim
-Honda Ruckus Rear Fender
-Honda Ruckus Rear Brake Cable
-Honda Ruckus Center Stand (Can still be locked via seat)
-Honda Ruckus Air Box (modified to fit with rear shock)
-Honda Ruckus Exhaust Pipe

All of our used inventory come with a sweet 30-day warranty to guard against any funny business. Come check it out today!


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