Do I need a license to drive a moped?

Yes, in Iowa you will need a full drivers license to operate a Moped. If you’re 14 or 15 years old, you can operate one with a Moped Permit. Check out our moped permit page for more info!

Where is the Johnson County Treasurer’s Office?

Their website can be found here! Their physical address is:

913 S Dubuque St, Iowa City, IA 52240

Where can I get the University Parking Pass?

UIowa Parking and Transportation services at the West Campus Transportation Center (WCTC) located at 840 Evashevski Dr, Iowa City, IA 52242

Where can I get the City of Iowa City Parking Pass?

Visit the City of Iowa City parking services at 335 Iowa Ave, Iowa City, IA 52240

What is a “Moped” in Iowa?

  • Has a seat for a single operator (no passengers) 
  • Travels with no more than 3 wheels on the ground 
  • Incapable of traveling at a speed more than 39 mph 
  • Able to travel at least 20 mph 

How fast do these go?

In Iowa Mopeds should not go more than 39 mph. In general 150cc scooters can travel up to 50-65mph.

Do you rent scooters?

Nope. We do offer financing that equates to similar monthly payments, though!

Do you need insurance?

Yes, in Iowa you must carry proof of insurance with you at all times. Liability insurance is the minimum. 


I lost my keys, now what?


If you lost only one of your keys we stock quite a few key blanks and can cut a copy of your key if you need one. If both keys are lost, the ignition set (which typically comes with all other locks necessary) must be replaced and you will get a new set of keys to match these locks.


Where can I get moped or scooter insurance?

Most auto insurance companies will also provide insurance policies for mopeds and scooters. 

I lost the title to my moped, now what?

Your next steps would be to fill out an application for a replacement title. Then, you would mail the application to your county treasurer or bring it in to get the replacement. 

What are your financing options? 

Check out our financing page! 

Is there a helmet law in Iowa? 

No. However, UScoots strongly recommends wearing a helmet to ensure your safety! 

What is the first service? 

The first service is the most important service for your new scooter! For Wolf Brand Scooters, the first service will occur around 300-500 miles. For Vespas and Piaggios, the first service will occur around 1000 kilometers (620 miles). It depends on the specific model of the scooter, but a first service will typically consist of an engine oil change, gear oil change, inspecting and/or adjusting the engine valve clearances, and completing a general inspection of the scooter overall. 

Is there a warranty on new scoots? 

Yes! All three of our brands come with a 2-year warranty. While the Wolf Brand Scooters 2-year warranty is limited there is always room to upgrade to a longer, extended warranty! 

What do I do with my scooter in the winter? 

If you are not going to ride for a few weeks or more, you’ll want to properly store your scooter. This involves more than just keeping it in a garage. Be sure to take care of any necessary repairs beforehand! UScoots offers preparation and storage year round. Plus, we guarantee your scoot will start when you pick it up!


Storing the scooter yourself? These steps will help it start and run great afterwards:


➊ Fill up your gas tank. Add a fuel stabilizer, and then run the engine for a few minutes.

➋ Drain the carburetor float bowl of gasoline. Tighten the drain once complete.

➌ Remove your battery and fully charge it. Store it where it won’t freeze and away from the sun.

➍ Park your scooter in a safe place and cover it properly.

If I don’t have a way to haul my scooter, will you pick it up? 

Yes! Click here to request a pick-up. We offer free pick-ups in Iowa City and Coralville. Not within our local range? No problem! We also offer pick-ups for $2.25/mile. 

Do you deliver scooters outside of Iowa? 

Yes! Well, it depends where you are located. We are fully staffed by college students, and with school in session, we are unable to deliver scoots further than 3 hours away from our store. Our students need to study! 

I’m living in Iowa City for school, but I’m from another state. Where should I register my scooter? 

It depends on where you will be riding the scooter. If you are primarily riding your scooter in Iowa, we recommend registering your scooter with your Iowa City address. We complete all in-state registration for you! You will pay for tax, title, and license fees at our store, then your license plate, title, and registration will be mailed to you. Simple!