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Used 2014 TaoTao ATM50

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Thinking about joining the scoot fam, but don't want to fully commit to a serious ride? Need transportation on a Top Ramen budget? If so, the basic features TaoTao ATM50 are sure to kind of excite you.

Entry level and basic basic basic. Here are some things it has for you:

-Low miles.

-Freshly serviced (Engine oil, carburetor, spark plug, and fuel)

This scoot is ready to go! Perfect for short term use or getting a feel for the scoot life with minimal investment. Your next recommended service would be about 1000 miles from now. That means you can scoot from campus to Whichwich about 1000 times before you'll be bringing it in!

All of our used inventory come with a sweet 30-day warranty to guard against any funny business. Come check it out today!

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