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Used 2012 Genuine Buddy 50

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The Genuine Buddy has become a mainstay in the scooter world. Based in Chicago, they've been bringing over awesome scoots since 2002! The Buddy line has got to be my favorite. They're built in a variety of colors and engine sizes, but this has to be the choicest combination of them all.

It's Pink. It has a two-stroke engine.

This means that not only will you look wicked awesome, but you'll leave bystanders speechless with your incredible take off speed. This scooter doesn't require typical engine oil changes and instead has a oil reservoir that you keep topped off. Scoots like this also have a large variety of performance upgrades available if you're looking to REALLY fly.

-2423 Miles-

All of our used inventory come with a sweet 30-day warranty to guard against any funny business. Come check it out today!

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