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Used 2006 Genuine Black Cat

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You might be thinking "It's just a weird Genuine Roughhouse". Well, you're kinda right. This is the Black Cat. Created for just a short time in 2006, this is the precursor to the Roughhouse. Black Cat Fireworks and Genuine teamed up to create this super fun and super fast scooter. It's missing a few of the iconic Black Cat decals, but the overall theme still rocks.

-Incredible Hawkeye yellow panels.
-Adorable cat eyes on the speedometer.
-Reliable and downright powerful two-stroke motor.
-Shares virtually all parts with the currently produced Roughhouse.
-Registered as a motorcycle, so you can scoot as fast as you'd like!

Recent Service:

-Brand new Pirelli SL26 All Season tires front and rear!
-Brand new NCY front brake caliper.
-Brand new front brake disc.
-Brand new brake fluid and brake bleeding.

Trust us, you'll look super cool scooting to class, the rec, or Estella's on this wild thing.

All of our used inventory come with a sweet 30-day warranty to guard against any funny business. Come check it out today!

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