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Used 2005 Honda Ruckus

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This Ruckus is crazy. To start, this is largely a 2005 Honda Ruckus. However, it has the ECU, wire harness, and an extra crank breather from a 2008 Honda Ruckus! Someone must have really loved this little guy because the 2005 (and earlier) Honda Ruckus' had issues with the engines not breathing properly. Honda fixed this starting in 2006 by changing the parts listed above. That means this thing shouldn't succumb to the issues normally facing 2005 models. As a Honda Metropolitan owner, I often find myself envious of the Ruckus' rugged good looks and adorable headlights.

Full Details:
-Super rare camo plastics and dark grey frame.
-Polini Variator installed.
-Brand new Honda fuel pump and Honda fuel filter installed.
-Replaced a few of the fuel lines with new.
-Freshly cleaned carburetor.
-New threads for two exhaust bolts (Previous exhaust was seized)
-In pretty good shape cosmetically, but does have a few more JDM zip ties than a new Ruckus.

8184 Miles.

*This scooter is registered and titled as a Motorcycle. (Great choice if you wanted to engine swap to a GY6 150cc)*

We're easily the best Honda Ruckus shop in the state and love when we get to wrench on them.

All of our used inventory come with a sweet 30-day warranty to guard against any funny business. Come check it out today!

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