COVID-19 & Safety

Providing an absolutely awesome experience is something we live by here at UScoots. It’s clear to us that we should take precautions to ensure the safety for our staff and customers. Going forward, we’ll be taking some extra steps to ensure we can put people first. This includes store cleanliness and our added ability to assist customers with little to no contact.

First, our staff are following frequent hand washing guidelines and will continue to sanitize the main areas of our store. As an additional precaution, we’ll be sanitizing primary contact areas of the scooters we service. Staffers will not be here if they feel any symptoms. We’re also putting together a plan to work remotely for any staff that rely on their part time income to support themselves while in school.

I’m also happy to say that we can perform service and sell scooters without close contact for any customers that are interested.

How does this work for service? Scooters can be dropped off or picked up without having to come into our store. We’ll communicate throughout the process like always and then payment can be made over the phone or online. Afterwards, we can leave your scoot ready to go securely outside our store or drop it off for you.

How does this work for buying a scooter? We encourage you to check out our website and then reach out to us by email, phone, or messenger. We’ve always been focused on finding the right scooter for your needs and will help guide you on your journey instead of pushing you to make the sale. Test drives can be arranged at the store and our usual precautions will apply. We always pride ourselves on easy to understand paperwork and pricing, so we don’t need to make you “sit down in the finance room” to complete a sale. No dealership runaround here. Signatures can all be sent through the mail or completed. Finally, your pick up or delivery can be arranged.

We have no immediate plans to eliminate all customer contact, but will continue to act in accordance to the situation and information available. We just want to remain proactive and help protect our customers and the community we love so much. We ask that you please follow general safety guidelines if you’re stopping in and please stay home if you aren’t feeling well!

Thank you and scoot safely!

Tyler - Owner

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