FAQ- Is a scooter easy to ride? – University Scooters
FAQ- Is a scooter easy to ride?


FAQ- Is a scooter easy to ride?

If you have this question in the back of your mind, you are not alone; we get this from probably at least half of the students/parents that come through our doors. 

Easy answer? Yes

Our answer? It depends

We like to use the golden rule of: 'If you can ride a bike, you can probably ride a scooter'. If you can balance yourself on a bicycle, you are half way to being able to ride a scooter. Like everything, there is a learning curve so it takes time to get used to driving on two wheels and that will probably include looking goofy or awkward (trust us, everyone looks a little goofy).

The good news is that at University Scooters, whether you're buying from us or buying from somewhere else, or wanting to rent or just wanting to try riding a scooter, we teach you how and help you learn to ride a scooter. We start with the basics and move into more advanced moves like U-turns or figure-8s, and advance from there.

Some people take 10 minutes to get the hang of it and some people take an hour. Either way, it is perfectly normal and the important part is that you are comfortable enough to navigate the streets of Iowa City, otherwise you can injure yourself or others by not knowing what to do.

FINAL ADVICE: Ask questions!!! If you don't know, ASK. If you're uncomfortable, TELL US. If you don't know how to handle a situation on the road, ASK.