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FAQ- Frozen Throttle Cables

FAQ- Frozen Throttle Cables

Why do throttle cables freeze?

Well, scooters in Iowa are driven and stored outside year-round, and we all know what Iowa weather entails: cold, hot, rain, snow, humidity, etc. Throttle cables are metal and over the usage of the scooter, it is not uncommon for moisture to build up on/in the cable. When temperatures get to freezing, the moisture inside can cause the cable to freeze, not operate correctly and even break.

Our Recommendations:  Keep moisture out of the cable as best as possible. How?
  • Cover the scooter with a quality cover meant to keep rain and snow out.
  • Store the scooter in a garage or an overhang to keep it from being rained/snowed on
-If the cable freezes once it WILL freeze again. Customers have in the past replaced their throttle cable and it seems to help, but there is no guarantee that it won't freeze. Unfortunately, it is not something we can really prevent and its technically not a mechanical/manufacture defect. It is simply science and water and moisture building up on the metal cable.

If you think the cable might be frozen:

If you go to start your moped when it's cold and it feels like the throttle is stuck, do NOT yank on it. The throttle cable breaks once you start pulling on it when it's frozen.

Solution: Wait until it gets warmer throughout the day to try and ride, or roll it to a warmer spot like a garage to let it warm up and thaw out. You also have the option to replace the cable, but as mentioned before, we unfortunately cannot guarantee it will not happen again.