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University Scooters (formerly "Moped U") is Iowa City's original scooter and moped dealer.

Looking for the right model for your budget? Contact us today to tour our selection of Vespa, Piaggio, and 100cc+ scooters.


Moped U has great customer service and awesome owners that are always willing to help with anything needed. I never leave there without feeling fully satisfied. I would recommend moped U to anyone considering buying a scooter or that already has one that needs service. The employees are easy to talk to and always looking out for your best interest.

Ashley G. - 2017

I recently went to MopedU to look into getting a moped to ride to and from school. The employee, Tyler, was so friendly and made me feel comfortable navigating a situation I am unfamiliar with. I had my father there to help ask certain maintenance questions, and Tyler had answers for everything. They explained before I bought my moped what I need to do in order for it to have a longer life, even explaining to my father how to change the oil himself if he wanted to. Lastly, I was very impressed with the way the staff treated me as far as not making me feel stupid for not knowing how to operate the moped (since I had never used one in the past). They never treated me like any of my questions or concerns were dumb, which is respect that especially as a lady isn't found everywhere. I highly recommend MopedU!

Amber M. 2016

Great group of guys. All the best to them as they continue to have a great business. I caught a nail in the back tire of my Kawasaki Vulcan 900. It was a Sunday and I had to park the motorcycle in an off the road parking lot. The other motorcycle repair shops were closed on Monday, but MopedU was open. :-) The guys were very helpful, went and got the bike, investigated what was needed, called me, gave me a quote, did the repair, and even took payment over the phone so that I could pick up the bike after business hours. Way to go guys. Keep up the good work, and good luck with the business. You are doing all the right things!

Randall J. - 2016

Easily the best scooter shop in town. Friendly staff, wide selection of scooters and gear, as well as great prices. Hands down, MopedU is the place to go in Iowa City for scooters!

Jenna M. - 2016